Scottie Fox and Grey Hare wed

Wedding of Fox and Hare was on a Sunday afternoon in February. It was a surprisingly hot sunny day with clear skies, right after the harshest of winter storms in 40 decades. The original date – valentine’s day would have been during a huge snowstorm storm, we re-shuffled the day because of the weather. They chose Valentine’s because Hare had Monday off work so they’d have a nice long weekend together.
The photographer chose a spot just below the park pavilion with trees as the background. It was near the street and one truck rolled down their windows to watch. Several people from the nearby parks watched as well. They were all respectful and didn’t shout or honk and just proceeded along their way or with their own business after the bouquet toss. They picked the location because it is one of the many spots in the city that Grey knows well.
10-12 guests some in fur suits and some without. Melissa asked guests to affirm their marriage and promise to support them by by either saying “We will” or to give their “awoo”.

The couple communicated online and met at a furry con. They have shared their lives together and have done much to benefit the greater Dallas community together. Hare shared that Fox took care of him when his paw was injured. Scottie Fox shared that Grey took care of her when she was sick. Their visions for their wedding were to be at con but they know this might not be the year that could happen due to COVID. They knew it was time to make it legal and couldn’t wait for their dream ceremony. Though it wasn’t what they initially planned, we were still able to make it special. This was their nice outdoor microwedding with a small group of the community.
Scottie Fox (she/her) shared “There’s a very large community of furries in Dallas . We have over 200 active furries just in the Dallas area and many many more that don’t go to our local monthly events . We have a convention once a year downtown that brings in furries across the country and the world . Our furry con is the 5th largest in the world . “
I used one of my inclusive ceremonies that I have pre-written. These ceremonies are suitable for people of all genders, religions as well as atheists. I use what I learn from our pre-martial discussions to add, subtract, exchange or move around certain elements to fit the unique people getting married and their relationship. The couple wrote their own vows where they promised to take care of each other and love each other forever.
Fox’s paws were too big for traditional wedding rings. The two brought a beautiful silver chain which Hare delicately looped around Fox’s arm and then his own arm somewhat like a handfasting.
There were tears during the ceremony. After I pronounced them as married, instead of saying you may now kiss .. I said you may now boop noses and “awoo”. I had practiced my awoo which I planned to came out sounding like a wolf even though I forgot that I would be wearing a Neko (lucky cat) COVID mask.
We snapped a photo together. After the boutique toss. I signed their marriage license on-site so the photographer could get a picture. We also utilized the two optional witness signature lines on the marriage license. Hare had several photo locations he had thought through. I said congratulations and goodbye then quietly departed so that they could get more pictures and celebrate with their friends.

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