Elopements / Handfasting

Several people have driven in from Louisiana for their inclusive weddings in Texas with me as their officiant. I am so pleased to learn that I am often the first vendor they book. I was lucky enough to spend time with this great couple through our telephone pre-marital sessions. Using the Twogether in Texas marriage education certificate of completion, they saved $60 on their marriage license and were able to get their marriage license when they arrived at their hotel. We did learn that Dallas county had limited marriage license applications to residents only. They made a drive to Gregg county in Longview to put in their application and pick up their license. Marriage licenses in Texas can be obtained in any county, it need not be the county of the wedding. These two wanted a private ceremony. And we did just that, they came to a private ranch with just me and the photographer, Jen from WeirdoWeddings. On a hot summer morning, we found a cool spot in the shade. They had ordered handfasting cords from Portugal that arrived just in time. The couple exchanged rings and completed their vows with each loop of their cord. And finally they tied the knot using a magic knot handfasting.

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